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Power Factor Control

- Power Factor Regulators
- LV Power Capacitors
- Thyristor Switches
- Detuned Reactors
- Cap-Duty Contactors


Surge Protection

- Power Protection
- Signal Line Protection
- Process Surge Protection
- Rail, CCTV, Telecom and PV


Energy Metering

- Panel Mounted Metering
- Portable Power & Energy Logger Meter
- Network Sub-Metering


Process Technique Electronic (P) Ltd, (PTL) specializes in power quality devices and technology solutions. With a dedicated core competence and focused presence in this domain of over 3 decades, Process Technique offers a range of products and solution in:

• Power factor control (PFC) and reactive power management
• Surge protection devices (SPD)
• Metering, PQ analyzers and data logging

Its position emerges as a reputed source for devices and solutions representing the highest quality standards with proven reliability. With over 45,000 installations nation-wide Process Technique's role as a leading PFC, SPD and energy management technology provider stands well reputed. The PTL technical team, with a network of authorised resellers, and technology partner Companies, nation-wide work continuously in delivering the best technology with specialised technical support to ensure optimum performance and results.


Our Technology

Our Clients

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